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Jessica Davide Avatar
Jessica Davide
My fiance and I loved having Bill as our inspector. He's very personable and very thorough. His report is detailed, and he even has a list of people to contact to help get things assessed afterwards, which takes a lot of stress off. He's very knowledgable and has all the fun gadgets! Even a drone to check the top of the house! Great choice, well worth every penny, couldn't be happier! Thank you Bill for being awesome at what you do!
steve szabo Avatar
steve szabo
It was Great working with Bill Elliott's Inspection Service to get his reports on my Home in Contract to purchase... He is very thorough and courteous.. I am Very Satisfied with his Service and would hire him again on my next project to purchase.
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Jacob Burby Avatar
Jacob Burby
I recently had the pleasure of working with Mr.Elliott, a fantastic home inspector. From start to finish, their attention to detail was impressive. They thoroughly examined every nook and cranny of the property, leaving no stone unturned. Not only were they professional, but they also had an awesome and fun personality that made the whole experience enjoyable. Their personable nature made it easy to ask questions and understand the inspection process. Overall, it was an awesome experience, and I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a thorough and dependable inspector to get the job done.
Beth Mahoney Avatar
Beth Mahoney
The inspector responded quickly and came on time the next day to inspect our newly built home. He was very professional, thorough and friendly taking pictures and videos as he went through our house top to bottom, inside and outside. His report arrived quickly with details. He found a few issues that needed to be addressed, but nothing major which reassured us that we were buying a well built home. Slept better that night! Later, when we had questions, we got quick responses. He even came back to test the water because it had been turned off while he was there. We were very pleased and highly recommend Elliott's Inspection Services. He did a great job!
Rachel Nydam Avatar
Rachel Nydam
Bill is a very thorough inspector and was very patient with all our questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs inspection services. He also didn’t exaggerate or blow anything out of proportion, letting us know what things would be easy to fix and what we should find a professional for. Definitely worth the extra time and money rather than find things out on our own down the road!
Coyote Freeman Avatar
Coyote Freeman
Punctual and thorough. Was able to find multiple thing that I had over looked on the initial viewing. He was also very personable and willing to explain what he was looking at and solutions for the problems. Definitely felt like it was money well spent
Kathy Sovulewski Avatar
Kathy Sovulewski
Called to have my moms home inspected and expected a long wait. Bill was able to come within a week, was very thorough and sent me a report in a timely manner. The report was easy to follow and had pictures to show exactly what was up along with the type of contractor I would need. I am highly impressed and would call him again if I were in the market to purchase a house.
Deirdre Beaupre Avatar
Deirdre Beaupre
Bill was exactly what we needed in a building inspector! He was flexible, thorough, and detailed. He was able to work with us through scheduling, was able to walk us through what he was seeing during the process, and answered all of our questions both during and after our inspection. Highly recommend!
Kevin Steward Avatar
Kevin Steward
We had an excellent experience with Elliott's Information Services LLC. We were able to ask questions and Bill showed us items of concern while we were on site. The final report was very thorough with pictures outlining areas of the home (interior & exterior) that will need immediate attention upon occupancy. Bill continues to contacts us periodically to see if we have any questions or concerns. The report also lists general contractors and electricians in the area which will be extremely helpful as we are new to this section of the State. We will recommend his service to others.
Dorine Deschaine Avatar
Dorine Deschaine
Bill Elliott's inspection was very thorough! quick, and efficient. Had the report in my hand in less than 1 hour after finishing his inspection. Cost for this inspection was extremely reasonable and affordable. I would recommend Bill to anyone. thanks Bill!!
Marlea Wurtele Avatar
Marlea Wurtele
I am in the process of buying my first home and felt very out of my element. Bill was fantastic and made this process absolutely painless. He answered all of my questions, he even took the time to explain further if I was still unsure, and pointed things out to me when I wasn't sure what to ask. Incredibly thorough and knowledgeable, if I could rate higher than 5 stars I would.
Tyler Stratton Avatar
Tyler Stratton
I am very pleased with Elliot home inspection for the home we are buying! He did an outstanding job ! Excellent pictures and explanations given on report! Very fast and friendly professional job! Thank you!
Patricia Black Avatar
Patricia Black
In-depth detailed review of house I nearly bought. Highlights what’s important but gives you all the facts to make your own decision.
Tisha Hafford Avatar
Tisha Hafford
We worked with Bill Elliot on a home inspection. He was very quick to schedule the inspection, and very through. Sent us the inspection report same day. There were a couple things that were a bit confusing for us, and he called to explain what everything meant. 100% satisfied with his service, fast courteous, and very informative. I would recommend his services for anyone needing a new home inspection! Thanks Bill!
Bryce Madore Avatar
Bryce Madore
Would absolutely recommend. I was in the process of buying a building and ended up passing after this inspection. The home needed thousands of dollars worth of repairs I had no clue about. I am so thankful I got this inspection, and I would recommend to everyone in the process of buying a home. Very nice guy, very thorough and very good service.
E Avatar
Bill did stellar work! He is friendly, responsive and extremely thorough in his inspection. Buying a home is stressful enough, no one wants costly surprise-repairs on top of it all. Bill definitely saved me from that! Elena
Christopher Wilkosz Avatar
Christopher Wilkosz
Bill was punctual, thorough, and super friendly. Very happy to have an instant report that we can now send to our builder. He'll likely save us a lot of money in the long run.
Russell White Avatar
Russell White
We were in the process of selling our house when we got a report from the assessor 4 days before the closing that our deck was unsafe and not structurally sound. They said that we would need to get it inspected by a licensed contractor/inspector before we could close. They didn’t say what the issue was with the deck. After searching online for someone who could look at the deck I found Elliot’s Information Services. After seeing that they had such great reviews I gave them a call. Bill answered and said he could look at the deck and send a report to the appraiser and mortgage company on the deck. Bill was a great help and very professional in his dealings with us and I would recommend him and his company to anyone looking for a building inspection. He was very personable and easy to talk to. He found that the deck was structurally sound and safe and sent his report to the appraiser and mortgage company the same day. This allowed us to close on time. I can’t say enough about how helpful he was.
Ethan Smith Avatar
Ethan Smith
Bill was absolutely fantastic. Incredibly fast/professional/thorough. Especially around the holidays, it is absolutely appreciated. I'd recommend ANYONE in the area use Bill for your inspections.
Mizz J Avatar
Mizz J
Bill was GREAT to work with! Answered my questions before and after the inspection. User friendly software allows you to pick what you want (ala carte), pay for your services, and then view your results. It's actually a pretty impressive program! Provided results - including pictures, videos and clear indications of issues within about an hour after my inspection. Report was very easy to understand and the process went smoothly. I would highly recommend Bill for your home inspection needs!