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Kathy Benson Avatar
Kathy Benson
8/27/2023 - Google
Bill was a pleasure to work with. As a Realtor, I appreciate the tools & software that he uses that makes my job easier!! He is extremely responsive and delivers a quality product. He is professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable.
Dennis Albert Avatar
Dennis Albert
8/22/2023 - Google
Bill was wonderful to work with. Answered all of our questions and explained everything in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend Elliott’s Information Services.
Shannon Dubay Avatar
Shannon Dubay
7/24/2023 - Google
Highly recommend! From the moment we scheduled our appointment through receiving our report (immediately following the inspection) he was responsive, informative, helpful, and professional! Services provided were thorough and informative; plus, we're very appreciative of his online app process and report format. He even had to put up with a roomful of gossipy ladies while he toiled away! Thank you Bill!
Nicole Kemp Avatar
Nicole Kemp
7/01/2023 - Google
Very thorough on the inspection, and very responsive for my questions. Bill was very professional and eased my mind during the stressful home buying process. Absolutely would recommend to anyone needing an inspection, and if I ever need another inspection, Bill will be the person I use.
Denise Pelletier Avatar
Denise Pelletier
7/01/2023 - Google
Mr.Elliot was extremely thorough & knowledgeable. He basicly went through this house with a fine tooth comb & discovered issues which definitely need to be taken care of. I highly recommend him!
Phillip Phinney Avatar
Phillip Phinney
7/01/2023 - Google
Bill did a very thorough job and was very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. He provides a very detailed report complete with pix and videos. I highly recommend Bill.
April J. Palominos Avatar
April J. Palominos
5/31/2023 - Google
Bill was professional, detailed and wonderful to work with. Thank you for providing a exceptional home inspection. It included pictures and video, along with referrals to contractors.
Jazzy L Avatar
Jazzy L
5/01/2023 - Google
Bill did such a great job during the inspection of the home we are in the process of closing on. Not only is he a total pro and caught both serious and superficial issues, but he did it with a smile. Once he was complete it took only a few minutes to receive a detailed report full of pictures and it even suggested what type of professional we would need to contact to complete the repairs. (General contractor instead of plumber, for example) Scheduling the inspection was super easy, and he was available quickly.
Sanford REI or Sanford Real Estate & Investment Avatar
Sanford REI or Sanford Real Estate & Investment
5/01/2023 - Google
My wife and I are moving to Maine from CT and I needed a professional, responsive, competent and fairly priced inspection company to do our home inspection and radon on a house in Aroostook County Maine. Bill was outstanding! In my 16 years in real estate in CT, I would say at least 90% of the inspectors I've used lack something and that something could either cost you hundreds of dollars or aggravate the heck out of you. Bill is Top Notch and has those attributes I listed above as well as great communication skills and follow up too! I would only call Bill if you want the best for a fair price in Aroostook County!! A+++
David Brecha Avatar
David Brecha
3/31/2023 - Google
Bill was great, highly recommended. Very professional, responsive in answering questions, was also proactive in communicating during inspection. I got a very detailed report literally within minutes of him finishing.
Thomas Merrow Avatar
Thomas Merrow
3/31/2023 - Google
I enjoyed working with Bill as he was knowledgeable about the issues in our house and was very responsive. I'd recommend house inspections to be performed using his services.
Julie G Martinez Avatar
Julie G Martinez
3/03/2023 - Google
I have nothing but good things to say about Bill. He provides very prompt service, he was on time for the inspection, and his detailed report was posted later the same day. The report was very thorough, describing everything he had inspected, with a lot of photos and a few videos, and he answered all my questions. Highly recommended!
Stacey Skinner
Very professional, Bill takes his time to explain items and issues with the buyer. He is thorough in his inspections and understands the ins and outs of a home and it's construction.
Dan Castle
One of the most thorough home inspectors I have ever met. Extremely professional and knowledgeable.
Robert Hegan Jr.
The inspector was professional and courtious. His work was incredible and easy to follow. He has also made himself available if we should have any additional questions. Mr. Elliot rates an A+
Andrew Churchill Avatar
Andrew Churchill
7/28/2022 - Google
Bill has done a couple of property inspections for me and I am super impressed by his quick turnaround with usable digital documents! Certainly makes it an easy process to review at your fingertips and to send documents to lenders or other professional offices. Not afraid to get dirty and give an in depth assessment of any property concerns, but humble enough to defer to specialty tradesmen when he sees fit. Thank you Bill!!
Griffin Goins Avatar
Griffin Goins
7/28/2022 - Google
Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I was impressed by how thorough our report was, providing extensive photographs, explanations, and indicating what elements were most important, and which were merely cosmetic. The report provides valuable insights about all of our potential home's systems, and will surely be valuable in the future as well. Thank you for the great service.
Jennifer Howe Avatar
Jennifer Howe
1/28/2022 - Google
Mr. Elliot went above and beyond my expectations for my home inspection. He was extremely thorough, detailed, and honest through the whole home inspection process. Bill had the report sent to me before he even left the house. I would recommend Elliot's Information Services, LLC to anyone looking for an inspection. I will definitely use him again!
Lin Trombley Avatar
Lin Trombley
1/28/2022 - Google
Bill was recommended to us by our realtors, Team Dan at Nexthome Discover & we were super grateful! Bill stayed in contact with us during each part of the process of setting up our inspection, thoroughly explained what his process was like & answered our many questions without hesitation. He was prompt, professional & super friendly. He also gave us a very detailed report of our home & kept the line of communication open for if we needed anything answered in the future that we may have forgotten. We would highly recommend him to anyone seeking his services, 100%! Thank you so much, Bill!
Kelly Parker Avatar
Kelly Parker
1/28/2021 - Google
Mr. Elliott was recommended to us by Team Dan (amazing realtors). I'm so glad he was the one recommended! I contacted him to request an inspection for the purchase of our first home on Monday and he returned my call immediately. The inspection was scheduled for Thursday (Wednesday was a holiday) and Thursday morning I had a comprehensive report of the inspection! I challenge you to find anyone more professional, efficient, or thorough than Bill Elliott. VERY happy we chose Elliott's Information Services, LLC!